Software Engineering

What to Expect From Your Future Software Engineering Degree

Did you know that an SE degree did not involve much programming? How clear is it for you the difference with CS?

The Four Lessons I learned from Merging a Monstrous Pull Request

In this article, I discuss the four valuable lessons I learned while working on merging an enormous pull request.

Computer Science and Software Engineering: Clearing the confusion

What is the difference between Computer Science & Software Engineering? What is their focus? Why do they matter?

Openness and Flexibility: My Path to a career in Computer Science

I started my college studies in Mechanical Engineering. After my first year, I realized my passion was elsewhere.

Requirements Document & Requirement Elicitation

What is requirement elicitation? What are the main challenges?

Towards a Good Requirement Specification Document

Why do requirements specification documents matter? What are good practices when writing a requirements document?

Your project's success depends on it: Requirements Engineering

What is requirements engineering? How is it related to the success and failure of a project? Why is it important?

Software is not perfect: Cases of Software Failure

What are cases of software failure and their consequences? How much money is spent as a result of those failures?

It's not over after shipping: Tools for Software Comprehension

What are software comprehension layers? How do they differentiates? What tools can be used to analyze each layer?

It's not over after shipping: Software Comprehension

What does it mean to comprehend a software? How easy is it? What are the challenges? What is reverse engineering?

It's not over after shipping: Software Maintenance

What is software maintenance? When should it be done? Why is it important for companies? What are the challenges?

The What, How, and Why of Software Quality: The Why

Why is measuring internal quality important? What are the consequences of developing a low-quality software?

The What, How, and Why of Software Quality: The How

How do we measure internal quality? What are some tool for measuring it and what are their pros and cons?

The What, Why, & How of Software Quality: The What

What is an objective definition of quality? How is software internal quality design? These and more questions are addressed in this post.